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ripped seat

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i ripped the side of my seat yesterday with the hooks on my boots so take this as a warning not to climb on your sled with boots that have hooks. also i m wondering if you guys have any suggestions on how i should fix it?
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My seat got a hole in the top a couple of years ago. I tried some vinyl repair stuff, but it is typically too hard, and just peels off. The vinyl on sled seats is extremely soft and flexible, whereas the patch is much harder compound. This fall, I took the seat off and let a vinyl repair shop replace the entire top piece of the seat. Cost about $100 and the seat looks brand new.
I had tears on the seat of my old Cat by the cover to the trunk. I bought a vinyl repair kit and repaired both rips 4 years ago and it is still holding fine.

My sled has the same thing on the side pads, the guy who had it before me hooked it with his boots.

I just left it alone, they don't seem to be getting any bigger.

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I have a small rip in my seat. I think I am just going to sew it with fishing line and see how that works.

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The think the vinyl repair kit will work great for you because the rip is on the side of the seat. Hopefully there isn't a lot of pressure on the seat where the rip is located, so it won't flex much.
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