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rippin' it up on the ZRT

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yeeeeeee haaaaaaaa!!!!!
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that a 600 or a 800? can u get em that high up on the snow? u should throw an M-10 long track on there, 2 inch paddles...then she would really kick ass

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this is a 600. Just bought it. I hope that it does it in the snow too. how much do the kits run change that over to a longer track and stuff like you said?
a long track isn't good on trails. And it prolly won't kick em up liek that on snow. They always lift more on grass than snow.
don't know about that.....remember older cats have serious weight transfer issues!!! Should lift the front nicely!!!!

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Datta Boy. Tear it up!!!! I think that i am going to go run mine. I'll try to get some pics.

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You wont kick that thing up w/ a long track. Yea, the old cats would come up with just the slightest flick of the throttle, not always a good thing. You punch it out of a corner and you are gonna have a hell of time getting that puppy under control.

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Well if you really wanted to get a longer track,SLP makes ones for polaris and ski-doo for about 200 bucks. Not sure if they make yours but if they do thats about around how much they cost. But if you get the kit you also have to buy a longer track. Which is about 650 bucks from dennis kirk. Just thought you would like to know.
Long track kits don't cost much(though you usually need to buy a track too) but like I said it won't be great for trails. My Uncles 99 ZR 700 with porting, pipes, power breather, and heads would kick the skis up like they were nothing all the time. He had a 96 ZRT too but I don't remember that picking them up much.
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