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RX-1 Performance

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Them graphs are....not seeming the greatest to me. They don't show the HP or torque numbers. You can't tell if they are lying or not. Who's twin is that? See, all this information is need to show a good comparison for the people who really know stuff. I mean, to people that know little, this is only good because the RX-1 lines are higher than the others. I would like some more info.

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Have to agree with you Erick.

Without some actual numbers on the vertical axis, and a more specific 800 twin, the graphs don't really mean much.
I agree as well like I said I am not sure about those graphs. They also don't mention which 800 twin they use in each one. They oculd use an MXZ in the torque one or the ZR in the other one. Whichever happens to have less torque,
ya, that's absolute crap.

plus if I remember right, the SRX had a claimed 152 hp, and now they claiming RX-1 has more with 145? lol, ok man, whatever.

and ya, the "800 twin" thing is just horrible, I mean, be specific, it's not that hard to do.

In the end tho, we should all be happy for this screw up, 'cause it means that there will be other sleds getting traded in on RX-1's left right and center for cheap prices, which means cheap good sleds for us. My dad is picking up a viper ER that's come in on one, supposed to be pretty cheap to, hardly ridden.

they may be called snowmobiles, but hiding behind that is a cheap excuse to not grass drag.
I only ever heard 130 HP claimed Horsepower. Maybe 140 something. I could be wrong.
<BLOCKQUOTE id=quote><font size=1 face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" id=quote>quote:<hr height=1 noshade id=quote>Originally posted by Sled_Dog:

I only ever heard 130 HP claimed Horsepower. Maybe 140 something. I could be wrong.


The article I had read when they first released the RX-1 was 145 - 150hp. That was on Maximumsled I believe.
I think Yamaha still hasn't worked out everything horsepowerwise with the sled.
And when you look at them crappy graphs, it doesn't look like its "that" much more powerful.

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Safari I was refering to the SRX with the 130 or whatever. ANd yeah it isn't really 100% yet I don't think but I just don't know. Time will tell.
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