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RXL 650 - Need To Replace Chain

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Does anyone have a diagram of the drive chain gear and general instructions for replacing the chain or know where I can locate one on the web??

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Very easy... On the chaincase, there should be 4 bolts holding it on... Just take these off, and the chaincase cover will come off... But, all the oil will dump out into your engine compartment. Then you loosen the jam nut on the tensioner, and then unscew the tensioner a bunch. Then you should be able to take off the chain. You can take off either of the two sprockets by just removing the bolt that holds it on...

Easy as pie. Except for the oily mess.

Yes, very easy. Put some paper towels under the chaincase to soak up the oil.

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Or put the sled on it's side. You can easily replace the chain, and not make a mess. Make sure the fuel vent is above the tank, or else fuel will leak out of the vent.
hi trish thought i would add that usually it is easier to remove the chain or install the new chain with the chain and sprocket assembled together . when you retension the new chain there should be about 3/8" deflection in the middle of the long side of the chain. Check your gears for wear, Excesive wear will ruin your new chain. suggest either a little silicon on the gasket or a new gasket. and lastly after a few rides check tension again because the new chain will stretch alot at first.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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