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RXL needs new front shocks

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ITs time to replace the shocks on my RXL. Im kinda looking for some that will rase the front end up a bit. Im looking at Fox shocks but i wanna know if there is somthing better.

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Well not to rain on your parade, but if you get new shocks, they will not raise your front end at all, unless you buy shocks for an xtra-12 suspension or the like. I have never seen this done before so i dont know if it would work or not. But all that shocks do is dampen the harshness of the springs....they do nothing to raise or lower your ride height.

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the only way to raise the front end is to buy shocks with adjustable springs and put them real tight or maybe install radius arms and shocks off of an X-tra 10, more $$ and work. The fox's are good shocks for the price. Shocks off an X-tra won't work on older susp., I've tried it.

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I agree with both Triumph and Sno-extreme. It won`t raise it, but fox shocks are good theres also Ryde-Fx, Kimpex Pro-Gold (which i have there really nice) and then theres GasPro. Theres a whole bunch more but those are just a few.All are pretty good shocks. I would stick with the FOX ones.
Remember, FOX recomends that you service your shocks periodically. That is one thing that is good about them, sure, you need to service them and they cost more, but they will outlast other shocks and produce a better ride. No, you cannot increase your suspention travel, especially if you are keeping the same springs.

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Go with Fox Shox and get an XTRA 10 for the rear. you'll end up with the same basic chassis/suspension as a Polaris ULTRA which is several years newer.

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If you go Xtra-10 in the front, you will need to replace the sway bar also. I did it and it rides sweet.
<BLOCKQUOTE id=quote><font size=1 face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" id=quote>quote:<hr height=1 noshade id=quote>Originally posted by RXLRIDER:

If you go Xtra-10 in the front, you will need to replace the sway bar also. I did it and it rides sweet.


how much is that with the extra 10 setup and where could i get it?

Thanks for all the help.

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u can get and xtra 10 skid from sombody on the net for anywhere between 2 an 4 hundy depending on how long you will wait for a deal, how bad they want to get rid of it, and condition/use. Can't help you on the front end though hadn't thought about it so I never checked it out.

There is a big article on how to put it together in the snowmobile section

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