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Sea Foam

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I was wondering if anyone here has used Sea Foam (carbon cleaner/tune-up) in there sleds. I'd love to hear your input.

I put a can in my gas today since I'm going riding in the morning and haven't been able to run much gas through my sled this year. I'll let you know of the results (Good, neutral, or poor) as soon as I get back.

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I hope it wont eat your carb inlet needle rubber away. or worse damage the rubber crank seals. Dont be alarmed by my thinking out loud as I have never heard of this product. I dont put anything in my sleds except gas, oil, and isopropal
Well from what i have been told on this it is safe for all things so i think it would be ok. A freind of mine has a car auto store and the sell it and it works well. He used it as a gun cleaner also and it works fine so i would say if its safe for the blueing on the gun you can use it. Give it a world. it will work
If it is some kind of cleaner, wont it have a negative effect on the oils ability to lubricate the cylinders and bearings.
Sea Foam is a petroleum product, it works great. I put it in my sleds, truck, car, lawn mower. They all run great, it cleans and acts as a dry gas, it also has a stabilzer in it. I buy mine at the local NAPA store.
Exjake do you work at napa by any chance but you are right its a great product.
<BLOCKQUOTE id=quote><font size=1 face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" id=quote>quote:<hr height=1 noshade id=quote>Originally posted by Godsmackguy:

Exjake do you work at napa by any chance but you are right its a great product.


funny thing. I work at NAPA here in the Twin Cities. Seafoam can be used in you fuel tank as well as directly in your engine oil. It cleans and lubricates too, but if used in the engine oil, you also must change it right away too. I use it in my Grand Am's fuel system and it works better than fuel injection cleaner in my opinion.
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Well, my weekend of riding got cut short when 2 guys broke down (They weren't using Sea Foam) LOL. Still got about 50 miles in (on nice trails in southern WI). After pulling my plugs (which were new at the start of the day) I was very pleased with how they looked. I'm jetted a little fat, but all was good. As for how it ran, again I was pleased. I think my idle was as smooth as ever. So my verdict on the Sea Foam so far (for sled use) is positive. For about $5 a can, I think it's a decent product.

I've used it in my gas in cars, trucks, and motorcycles as a fuel injector/carb cleaner and also use it in my weed eater and hedge trimmer. I think it works well for those applications so wanted to give it a try in the sled.

I was wondering why you have to change oil right away when adding it to the crankcase though.

P.S. I got mine at NAPA also, but I don't work there. LMAO


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i used to use sea foam as a carbon eater i would dump it right down the carb or the throttle body and bye bye carbon.


My wife said its me or my sleds... Im sure gonna miss her
Will this stuff clean my VES slides as I ride? maybe I wont have to take em out so often. Any canadians seen this product up here.
I don't work at NAPA just buy my stuff there, I'am just an old retired snowmobiler.
I have used sea foam before and have found it works well for removing mosture from the gas as well. My dad swears by the stuff.

2002 Arctic Cat ZR 800 EFI

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