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seat woes

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after riding on sat, i noticed the stitching is coming out of the seat on my 99 xc sp (racer seat w/ pads). i called my dealer today to see if it was covered under warrenty, and he said it was, so i think i'm bringing it in sat. if a new cover needs to be put on, i'm thinking of trying to get a red one like on the 99 xcr 440. would this look cool? my sled is accesorized with a red skid plate, but all other add ons are black.
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I'd go with the original black one, but that's me.

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Accessorize with red, but don't put such a hugh piece of red like a seat cover on your black machine. <my opinion>

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that's what i'm thinkin guys. it would kind of stick out like a sore thumb. it has a lot of little things, hooks and grips and such, but i did them in black so the sled won't look bad a few years down the road. the skid plate is red though, and that looks nice- just a touch.
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