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As many of you already know, SF is holding another forum ride the last weekend of January 2007. This thread is being posted to provide all of the information about the ride and cabin availability. This will save someone from digging through the 14 page (currently) thread about it just to glean the information.

Forum Ride Thread

Officially January 26th - 28th, however several people will be up there earlier in the week and be staying later than Sunday.

Knotted Pine Inn located in Isabella, MN

Everyone PM me with the cabins you are staying in, who will be there, and if you have any space currently available.

Cabin 1:
thezoo, phazerboy & Team_Arctic_SnoPro - [red]FULL[/red]
Thurs, Fri, Sat, & Sun

Cabin 4:

Cabin 6:
Trailrebel, + one [limegreen]two spots available[/limegreen]

Cabin 7:
Darkstar, DGsledneck and 4-5 others. - [red]FULL[/red]

Cabin 10:
Bart3298, butcher_boy, Prox420, RipperD, Skipponator, & one other - [red]FULL[/red]
Fri, Sat, & Sun nights

Cabin 11:
Erick, sledwrecker, Polaris-Man, Cody... - [red]FULL[/red]
Wed - Sun nights

[orange]ON SITE:[/orange][/size=3]
GreaseMonkey, Wallygator, & 2SEwings will be on site.

[orange]OFF SITE:[/orange][/size=3]
MNSLEDNECK56308, ditch-banger, and sleds4life will be over at the cabin at the Mooseridge.

[orange]GROUP TOTAL:[/orange][/size=3]
30ish confirmed in this thread
This count is just a guesstimate, I have no way of knowing who is going to be there. We'll get an official count when we are all up there


I will continue to update this information as the PMs come in. I was going to go through the other post and make a list of people going and cabins/spaces available, but that would take me all night. Just shoot me a PM and I will add your info to the list above.

Once again: Please don't respond to this thread, this is for informational purposes only. Thank you for your consideration.
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