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any one had a 1994 xlt sks 580 with problems blowing number 3 cylinder, my sled is ported and piped. This has happened to me twice in three weeks. I have even had the dealership rebuild it!, TWICE! THANK god for warranty!
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Wow! That bites, sorry to hear it. I've got a 97 XLT SP 597 with a little over 5,000 mi on it, no problems with a blown cylinder...blown chain case, but no blown cylinders. Warrenties are goooooood.
How do you have warranty on a 94 sled? Just wondering

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Good question, I didn't think of that when I first read the post.
I got the sled used from an arctic cat dealership in kelowna with a 30 day parts and labour warranty.
Sweet! Wish I had one of those for my sled.
I'd bet he got the shop that did the work to warrantee their work.

A buddy I ride with just bought a 97 (I think might be a 96) MXZ 670 and he had it long tracked so the dealer extended the tunnel and rails, etc. but they screwed up when they attached the flanges (can't think of a better word for it) that hold the bolt that tightens and looses pressure on his rear wheels. Anyway the things vibrated loose after less than 4 miles and ruined both rail extensions and most the the hardware that holds it toghter. but he got them to warrentee thei work before he left and they ended up replacing the whole thing for him.

I need spellcheck!
I think that s the pto bearing side, when i got mine i had a blown pto bearing, after 6000 miles, but that bearing was common on going out on the 94 580's and if you stay under 9000 rpm you shouldn't have any trouble keeping that bearing, but if you go above that you'll probaly have to change that bearing every year. i don't know if this is what happend to urs, but thats what hapend to mine so i thought id let ya knwo

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yes XLT, I just got the call today, from the BOSS!, it sounds like a bad crank bearing from factory. Whether that is what you call a pto bearing or not, Im not sure.I work on anything from a car to a truck to an excavater but two stroke is new to me!
plus beer doesnt seem to jog my memory!
cant wait to try a new motor . I had them do a bit extra work to try and solve this problem once and for all. NO MORE WARRANTY! he says !
keith 1612 is a good buddy, I turned him towards this site. I have appreciated the quick response to my questions, so I expect this will be a learning experience for the both of us. once again all of your knowledge on this site is much appreciated ,by those who are new to this sport. 4x4ing & boating in the summer , sledding in the winter! notice how there was no name bashing, GETTING TIRED OF TRIPPLES THOUGH!
My XLT with a '96 engine has blown 2 or 3 head gaskets and I think it was the third cylinder that blew up once.

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