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Six inches in 2 hours

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Northern Colorado is getting hit pretty hard right now. I just went sleddin in the mountains and the drive back that usually takes an hour and a half took three hours. I think tomorrow morning I'm going to take the sled (96 XLT) across the street in this huge field and do a bunch of pow turns. The "Torch" is coming through town in the morning to, can't miss that. I should just follow it to Utah, they've been getting great snow. Hopefully in a couple of weeks I'll get some good pictures of a trip I'll be making to central CO. Tons of snow there but not like AK, I'll be up there before too long. Just don't know about the no sunlight thing in the winter. Maybe I can get a picture of me riding my sled next to the person running with the "Torch". That would be different.
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