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Snowmobile is 2003 Polaris 500 Classic. I got my snowmobile stuck in a ditch. While I was on the snowmobile someone else pulled me with a winch out from the ditch by looping a rope through the two from ski loops. After this I noticed that my skis were misaligned. I am new to working on snowmobiles but I thought I could tackle a ski alignment. After watching some youtube videos, I attempted it. I tried to remove the tie rod ends from the skis which was successful. I then aligned the left one and adjusted the threaded rod end in. On the right side is where had an issue. I removed the rod end from the ski but when trying to adjust the threaded rod end it seems very difficult to move. The threads were operating under a pretty good pressure with my wrench but after a few turns it snapped off. I tried to get the bolt out of the tie rod with an extractor but was unsuccessful and may have ruined the threads of the tie rod. That is the background. I have 3 questions.

1. What is the best way to pull out a stuck snowmobile (bottom of ditch, to road) so I don't have an issue with alignment afterwards? ( did try pulling from the back, it was working, but very slowly.)
2. After adjusting the tie rod end for the alignment I think the skis will be aligned but they are at their max inward thread. Is it possible I bent something that makes it necessary for me to have to have the tie rod ends threaded in so far?
3. If I can find a tie rod and tie rod end is that all I will need to replace in order to fix this?

Thanks a lot for any help.
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