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Ski-Doo 245RV question

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I have a 1974 Ski-Doo 245RV oval track race sled that I'm putting together for kicks. I got it being completely disassembled under the hood and that's causing some problems. Does anyone have one of these odd ducks or know of where I can get some pics of one.

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Im not really sure where to start looking. Ill start looking for you, but i would try going to a dealership, or a small snowmobile store in your town and see if they can scrounge some up for you. I have gotten some really old pics and snowmobile magazines from some of my local places.

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A buddie of mine works at an engine shop and was going to freshen up the top end. I didn't have pistons to begin with, so when looking for new ones the only ones I found were custom built at $200 - $300 bucks a piece. I don't know where I can find any. Do you know anyone who use to race vintage Ski-Doos and might have left over pistons collecting dust somewhere? Any other thoughts? The sled is really rare, unfortunately.

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