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Ski Doos with A-arms???

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Not sure if anyone has seen or already talked about this or not, but check out this link for some Ski Doo race sleds with A-arm fronts. Maybe a vision of things to come?
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Some more interesting photos.
Saw them in person man.....they are some sweet sleds....I took some pics of them at the snowcross....look in the racing section

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Wow...nice pics! I wish we had events like that in Maine. We've only got large oval racing and grass drags for the most part. Nothing at least of that caliber. Be interesting to see how many of the new racing mods will make it into the production sleds.

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Yeah, I seen them in person too. Kinda ugly I do say.

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Yeah, I think they are pretty ugly too.

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Like my uncle said about the new Sno Pros "you know that all cats will look like that in a couple years" not sure if he is right but I would bet he is. Prolly the same with the Skippys. Yamaha ran the Viper as its race sled last year. Well at least if you look at last years sled they look like this years. And this years is suppossed to just be a Race viper so I would say they ran the Viper last year in racing.
of course the new sno pro is a sign of things to come. it isn't coincidence that the viper body was used last year in racing and it's on production models this year. polaris is supposedly gonna institute it's racing chassis into more production models. racing is the easiest way for the factories to do some r&d, testing the limits and capabilities of their sleds, and how joe public responds to them.

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Well, i watched Round 4 of the WSA Snocross races this weekend in Minnesota and those Ski-doo look much better in person, at least to me. They seem to get past the big nasty's much easier than other sleds. I was impressed, the A-arm ski-doo won just about all the races on Saturday. Great day of racing.

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Did you get any pictures MegaMan?

2002 Arctic Cat ZR 800 EFI

founding member of the Arctic Cat Mind Control will believe!!​
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Yes i did. I just got them developed, too bad i can't afford a digital camera right now. I'll scan them as soon as i can and then post them. Oh, can you or someone host them for me??? That would be great.
yea it's cool that doo got the technology into a sled, i just wish the thing wasn't so damn ugly!

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It was just a matter of time before the others got the wishbones like Cat, its the only way to fly!

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