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Ski Question

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Anyone who has a composite ski. I know they are strong. When you gouge or cut the edge of the ski. How much is ok before it is not safe for high speeds?
I have the standard polaris ski and I cought it on the trailer loading. I cut it from the back of the front handle support into the edge if the outer rib and stoped. basically 2 1/2" long 1/2" inward.

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I would just cut off the chunk of ski, smooth out the area and leave it. It may affect performance a little but I doubt it.

I did the same thing loading the sled on the trailer. Took out a 4" by 3/8" chunk out of the side of the plastic flex ski. That was early last year and I haven't noticed a difference.
I'd say smooth the edge and leave it.


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I will take the advice. Thanks

I just wanted a little backing reassurance.

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