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Skid Plate Question...?

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hello, I was just wondering what are some of the benefits about having a skid plate and are they recommended to have on your sled...Are the worth it?
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For one, it cuts down on drag in deeper snow, and secondly, it protects your belly pan from damage if you should happen to hit a stump buried in the snow. Plus they come in different colors and LOOK REAL COOL.
yeah the protection is usually why i get them
Its all about protection. Easier to replace a skidplate than a bellypan in most cases.
ya they work great for protection, we used to have a 97 700, and i nailed a ice block, and it tore out the bottom of the sled. so needless to say all our sleds now have em. ya for the price, you should invest in one, i beleive
yeah i just got one for my new sled for the protetion reason. still haven't got it and don't have a way to mount it yet.
They help alot when you bump rock wont dent your bulkhead and wont scratch it up.
They are deffinitely worth their price, probably one of the smartest investment you can put toward your sled.
I think they are a waste of money
a belly pan is usually cheaper, and not a huge job changing
your adding wieght
a spot for snow and ice to collect = more weight
Yes they would provide some protection, but I have never had one, and in the years of riding the damage I have inflicted on my sled would have been the same if I had one on
i just got one this summer for my sled because the previos owner hit a chunk of ice on the river and did this to the bulkhead. it has now had the peice cut out and a new one welded back in.



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