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sks handling

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Hey guys, Ive got a problem with my2000 sks thats plagued me for a while. Its in the handling deartment and its really got me stumped.The problem is no matter what I do to the sled, I cant keep the skis on the ground . Indeep snow riding it wont turn , you really have to let off the throttle to make it turn, and on the trail the same thing, you have to get right out of the throttle to turn.I've played with the front spring preload, sucked up the limit straps , played with the rear suspention preloads and nothing seems to help.Ive also played with the stop blocks on the rear scissor and it didnt help either. I had a 99 sks before this one, and it was a dream to drive, where ever you pointed the skis, it went. This one is almost scary in some cases. The only difference that I can see is the trailing arms are tipped in to the belly panon the 2000 and the99 wasnt. If anybody has any suggetions it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Get some brave fat chick to sit on the front bumper....he he. lol Sorry, but you've tried everything I can think of too. Good luck!
my dad has the exact same sled and handles just fine. i could check some settings and see where he runs it.

When in doubt- Throttle out!

'99 XC SP 500
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