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Sled insurance

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My jaw dropped to the floor when I got a quote for insurance on my 97 ZRT800. I am waiting on the details but the quote came back at over $1500.00 per year! This has to be a mistake no? What do you think is a reasonable amount... I thought it would be less than $400.00. Thanks.
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WOW! That is alot of money! Do you have a bad driving record or what? Under 400 is right, I hate to burst your bubble but on my 02' 600 XC I pay $21.50 a month and I'am 21. So you might want to take into consideration your age, driving record, and how many vechicles you have on the same policy. Anyway I would check around if I were you cause that is crazy!

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Yeah - I am going to shop around. I think it is nuts too. I am 40 (yikes - an old timer to you guyz) with a great driving record.. If there is a motto, I guess it is never go with the first quote!
My younger brother is 27 and doesn't have the best driving record. He bought a 02' Viper and is paying aroung $800 for the year. Still a little high I think, but certainly better than $1400.

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I have 02 pro-x 600 with full coverage, $100 ductable and $750,000 liability for 288 yr.
My 98' XCR 440 SP is covered under our farm insurance as a vehicle....LOL....a race sled. I pay roughly $60 annually full coverage, but a $500 deductible.
I am 32 with a clean driving record. For my 2001 ZR800 I pay $175/year. I live in Michigan.

I received a flyer at the Novi snowmobile show this fall from Liberty Mutual that advertised the price. They wanted my main auto policy to honor the quote and I transferred it to them (they were slightly less than my previous company anyway). As a matter of fact I transferred my homeowners as well for a better rate/multiple policy discount.

Keep shopping.

P.S. I am told that many companies will 'rake you over the coals' if you just want sled insurance. Try your auto and homeowners carriers or, do as I did and get a quote for more than just the sled.

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My driving record is clean. I put the sled on the same insurance as my cars and got it at $71.00 a year with a $100 deductable. Full coverage. Shop around, shop around, shop around.

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I shopped for insurance for my 2001 ZL800(full coverage) and my 1988 Eltigre(liability) quotes ranged from $170 per year with $250 deductable to $330 per year with $500 deductable.
Those quotes were based upon me insuring my cars, boat, house and sleds with their companies.

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hey im under 25 and pay 150 a year wiht 200 dollar deductable on my 96 xcr 600. so shop around man you an do a hell of alot better.
Thats insane in the membrane, i'd switch insurance. Im only 17 and my sled costs me 300 a year, my truck only costs me $880 a year,
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