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Right now I have a 1994 Polaris Storm with triple pipes and clutch work done to it. I am in the process of buying a new Acrtic Cat Zr800 EFI. My question is what differences will I notice with the new sled as far as power, ride, handling? I have no idea how much hp my sled has but the ZR has 140 stock. Any comments? Suggestions? Thanks!

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first off, welcome to FANATICS, you need answers, then youve came to the right place, we all do our best to get them answered, without the brand bashing you may have seen elsewhere, and we wont allow it, just a general heads up,
ive always been around polaris sleds, so i have to try to be unbiased, but i had the opportunity to ride a zr 500 efi, man the suspension is like riding in a cadillac! sucks the bumps right up, regretfully i dont know much about the storms, but i think you will be pleased with your recent purchase, i know i was impressed, but my old sled didnt have the greatest of suspension. as far as anything else, if you ride higher elevation, with efi, theres not much to change, i believe they come with the high altitude compensator, so all you have to do is get a clutch kit. if anyone has any other insight, please correct me if my info is wrong.

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Everything will be much much better!! Prolly be faster accelerate better and definetally handle much better.
Thanks for the reply's! This seems like a really cool forum and I really appreciate the non brand bashing! I hate when people are so one sided about things that they can't see reality anymore. Anyhow back to my sled. I will not be doing any high altitude riding at all so I am not worried about that. I contacted several Arctic Cat dealers today and the best price I found in this area was $7276 after the cat cash for a 2002 Zr 800 EFI. Does anybody know if this is a fair price for this sled? Thanks again!
Ahem, Welcome to Polaris-Man's forum too...

Same thing, look different.

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Hey P-Man,

I hate to say it, but I dont like the color scheme on your forum. Also, I dont like the fact that I loose a star over there. It makes me feel special having three stars

Not that I expect you to change anything for me, I just wanted to give you some feedback.

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hard to compare a "94" to a new sled of two manufactures

"Meaningless Ride"
I think handling and ride quality will we a whole new world compared to the older suspension on your Storm. Have fun with your new sled!
I bought a ZL800 last year, the torque is awsome! The big twin will get up to top speed quick but might not have quite as much top end as an 800 tripple.
The new ZRs have a coupled rear suspension which will keep your skiis closer to the ground. I found out last Saturday how much traction 192 studs give you on grass, the sled almost stands straight up.

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your right wryjoker, it is hard, but before i found my xlt, i considered an artic cat sled, just cause of the way my friends handled, but after careful thought, and the reliability ive had with polaris over the years, i couldnt switch, ill ride polaris until i die. but if i were to switch....a/c for me.

i like his site also, and the metallica thingy......two thumbs up buddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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