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sleds in parks, looking for research

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hELLOOO I was hoping someone could lead me in the direction of some research that has been done promoting sled use in parks. I am a grad student and an bigtime snowmobiler. I am doing a paper on the effects and promoting education. I would like to include some evidence, concrete evidence that supports my pro sled beliefs. Anything you could offer would be great-- already checked out the isma site.
thanks!! annie

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first off, welcome to snowmobile fanatics, youve got questions, weve got answers. ive read alot of stuff about this subject, and right now i would say its pretty contraversal. they say its the noise, and the pollution from the 2 strokes, and its causing damage. personally, what damage does a snowmobile do? your on inch upon inch of snow. hell ive read and heard from friends that the damn buffalo, etc walk down the trails the snowmobile leaves behind in the snow, so if anything, the sledders are helping nature, if i can find where ive seen info on this topic, i will send it via pm on this site. hope this helps alittle-xltman


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Hi, welcome to the forum...not sure how much i am going to be able to help you but i do know that the sleds dont cause as much damage as what some people would like to think. If you take the surface area that a sled touches the ground and figure out how much weight there is per square inch, it is much less than any animal in the park has per square inch. Then add to the fact that the snowmobile is on top of the snow, there is that much less damage. If you figure out the weight per square inch of a deer or some other animal, it will be greatly higher than that of a snowmobile, (and us sledders would want them animals to quit causing so much Hope this kinda makes sense. As for damage to the air quality snowmobiles are only run for say....4 months out of the year...not enough to cause any damage at all. You get more "air pollution" from the wind blowing it into the park from the nearest interstate highway. Not sure where i seen this information but i'll see if i can find it again.

oh yeah, dont mean to pry but what kinda sleds do you ride?

Polaris is my way out - Other people just use a door.
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Hello, Have you tried any thing from the blue ribbon coalition? Try Ithink they may be able to give you unrefutable evidence you want. I hope this helps. Let us know

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