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sleds paint jobs

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Hey what do you think about the new sled design like the cat 900
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ummmm I like it? what kind of question is that?

P.S. Sorry I'm crabby today

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it is a question without a question mark! :) I like it it is like the Cross Country's. I thought this was gonna be like SHow you custom paint job or something.
No crap your crabby punctuation is not my thing and do you guys think their going to be any cool design like on drag racing cars like scotty cannon? If you want to see his design go t othe photo gallerie at
I saw a green Cross Country at my dealer last week, and I have to admit that I really like the graphic treatment.
I prefer the black cross country. Scratch that I love the black CC :)
I Like that yellow and blue polaris. cant remember teh model maybe a pro X cuz it has huge X on it. looks cool tho!!

I need spellcheck!

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just a few minutes i saw 12 brand new 2002 cats go by. Right on my lawn. Well thats because the trail cuts across it. I was trying to hit one since they were cats j/k sorry cat fans pure polaris all the way.
Personaly i think the green cc is ugly as can be., Yet the black one is one of these sweetest sleeds out this year! i like that alot.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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