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A buddy and I have been trying to tweak my secondary clutch on my 92 Exciter II for a while now. The sled runs pretty strong overall. One issue I have noticed is a sluggish backshift on occasion. New nylon buttons and a new spring were just installed. I put a brand new Yamaha belt on recently as well. With my old belt on, I have a sluggish takeoff but good midrange and top end. The new belt gives me good take off, midrange that is good most of the time and top end that takes quite some time to get there. The sled seems to have a sluggish backshift on occasion with the new belt, noticeable in the midrange and top end. It will also bog a bit in powder and going from powder to hardpack. I also noticed the new belt sits slightly above the top of the sheaves on the secondary, the old belt sits slighly below the top of the sheaves, thus the sluggish takeoff with the old belt. Is it possible the new belt is sticking a bit on the sheaves causing this sluggish backshift? I washed the belt with soap and water but it didn't seem to have an effect. Will the new belt break in over a bit of time allowing it to move in the clutches easier, possibly eliminating this occasional bogginess? Should I change my spring settings in the secondary to a stiffer setting? Would that be c-2 or A-2? I think it is on the b-2 setting right now. Any sledheads have any ideas? Thanks!
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