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Smacked something and stearing is messed, HELP??

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Went riding on Saturday and smacked something in the ditch comeing back from the trails and my stearing is all out of wack. My handlebars are not matching up with my skis. Did I really screw something up bad or can I recaliberate these to get it back to normal. Not to familiar with how it works. Also my 96 ZRT is running really choppy. Was fouling out plugs on Friday then I did the by pass plug and that seemed to work for a while now the thing is hesitating alot when I hit the throttle. It bogs down and then it will kick in then bog down then kick in and so on so forth. As of latley I was not fouling out plugs though, so its really weird. These triples sure are a pain in the [email protected]@. Would appreciate any advice anyone has, thanks so much.


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As for the steering, I'd check your tie rods which are the rods that actually turn the skiis. It sounds like you might have bent one.
These are adjustable, but if your handle bars aren't straight sounds like something is bent and should be replaced.
Is it one plug fouling or all three? With the info you provided it's hard to determine possible causes.
Keep posting to let us know what you find.
By the way you probably should have posted this in 'The Shop' Forum

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Sorry about not posting in the shop topic but I am pretty new to this web site and did not see it. Thanks for you help on the stearing I will check those tie rods. Are those pretty easy to get at??? It was fouling out 1 plug at a time and it was all different ones. Then when it started running really crappy I checked all the plugs and they seemed to be ok so not sure if its the carbs or what. Thanks again.

I have a the same zrt and mine has been fouling out plugs also. Put some dry gas in it, and it has been fine since then.

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Use the isopropyl heet in your gas. Make sure you get gas from a reputable station, then use some more isopropyl heet. I use it every other tank and have not fouled a plug yet. Never leave the tank empty, and keep the isopropyl in it. Did I say put some Isopropyl in it? I assume the point is taken. That was put in a joking manner, but it does work.

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