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what do all of you guys think of this deal?

I don't care where we go, let's just ride....
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You mean that? I have a feeling it would be a good way to get hurt. It used to only come in a kit so they weren't liable.
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But until you got hurt it would be one helluva ride.

Trees don't make the greatest brakes...
I don't see how it would be that much more dangerous than a dirt bike.
only problem with em is they only come with a 500 fan. i guess they're pretty snappy though, with such a light dry weight. anyway, that's about 500 more cc's than i need to get myself hurt on one.

it isn't a sport if you can't die doing it

'99 XC SP 500
being a MX racer I'd love to get to take one for a spin.

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a 500 fan is all that thing needs as you can plainly see. And it is more dangerous than a dirtbike because you are riding ice and packed snow. In case you didn't know these two things can be pretty slippery. It is prolly more safe than riding your dirt bike on the same stuff but less safe than a normal sled.
if you ride one of these the way they are supposed to be ridden (i.e. NOT on ice or hard pack) they would be a blast, and probably pretty safe once you get used to them. just think of boondocking through some trees in that baby! or playin in 3' of powder! sounds like a good time to me.

it isn't a sport if you can't die doing it

'99 XC SP 500
I would give it a go myself it does look like mad fun :)
if it comes with a nutcup im go

Duct tape much like the force... it has a light side, a dark side.... and it holds the world together!
I would think that your feet could slip off quite easily, but I could be wrong.

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founding member of the Arctic Cat Mind Control will believe!!​
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The Snow Hawk by AD Boivin is a high adrenaline snow bike that is aimed at the 16 to 40 year old person who seeks a new and exciting, physically demanding sport.

The Snow Hawk feels more like a cross between a dirt-bike and a Jet-Ski watercraft. It has a light-weight feel and is very agile,

The Snow Hawk is available with two track lengths; a standard 121" version and a longer 136" version for deeper snow and hill climbing.

Snow Hawk™ - A new sport is born!

US MSRP* $ 8,699 plus freight and set-up
Type 503cc, Fan-Cooled, two Stroke, piston port
Exhaust 1 tuned pipe
Bore x Stroke / mm 72 x 61 mm
Horsepower 60 HP @ 7100 RPM
Carburetion 2 X Mikuni VM34
Drive IBC Power Block clutch
Driven IBC Formula, cam on countershaft
Dry secondary drive High efficiency Cog belt 8 mm
Front Suspension 46 mm Paioli Inverted Telescopic Fork, 12" of Travel; Adjustable Rebound/Compression Damping
Rear Suspension EXPERT™ "X" AD Boivin Twin Kayaba Shock, 15" of Travel
Brake Brembo: Twin-piston caliper 34 mm 175 mm disc
Ski UHMW plastic
Track Camoplast 121" (136")** x 12"
Track lug 2.25 inches
Overall Dimensions (Lenth x Width x Height) 105 " x 32.5" x 48"
Seat Height 33.5"
Ground Clearance 11"
Fuel Capacity 4.5 US gallons (17,5 liters)
Dry Weight 350 pounds (160 kg)
Color Blue/Orange
* Price and specifications subject to change without notice
All prices shown are the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) .
Dealer prices may vary. Copyright 2001 AD Boivin design Inc. All rights reserved. ** Long Track Version
US $ 599
CDN $ 799

Obviously it isn't for the ordinary snowmobiler. You have to be a (rich)motocrosser by heart and need something very similar to do when the snow flies.

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I wouldn't mind giving it a shot. I mean, if you know how to ride dirtbike and snowmobile, this is a cross between the two so you should be able to get the hang of it rather quickly. Hmm, I wonder where I can ride one....

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Once again, an insult to snowmobiles.

I Love B&M Coasters.
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Tisk, tisk. I personally don't mind a bit of change.

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once again, just cuz I don't like em doesn't mean everyone else has to dislike them.

I Love B&M Coasters.
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I really would liek to see tucker on one of these babys he kicks ass on both mx and snow so i think he would rock on this best. But to say the least they are sweet and will cetch on huge cant wait to see ktm with one heeh i wish!
Yeah, they will eventually catch on I think. People will think of them as a stand up watercraft. Only it is a version that goes on frozen water!

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I think it's a hopeless attempt to create a dirtbike that can go on snow.

I Love B&M Coasters.
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