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snow is comming!!

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well boys n gals here at fanatics, iowa is under a winter storm dealy, woke up today to ice, and doppler says 6-10 inches of snow by thurdsay, starting tonite into tommorow and thursday. so hopefully, i will be jumping and bumpin down the drifts! its about time!!! oh and the storm is headin north, so all you friendly olks north of me, minnesota-canada, will get to enjoy the wonderful white! i will keep you all posted
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Glad to hear it xltman, hope you get dumped on!!! Here in maine we're suppose to get a little bit tomorrow, then a large storm on Thurs night and into the day on Fri. Might be the one you're getting right now. Man I hope so, we need it.

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Sweet, hopfully it doesn't lose it's power as it heads up this way.... will cross my fingers!

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Sounds good. More snow the better.

Trees don't make the greatest brakes...
We're starting to get the ice now. Hope that s**t turns to snow real quick like. My sled is up north soo it doesn't do me much good here, suppose to get 6". If I can't ride my sled at least the snowboard should get some use.
Cool I hope it makes it all the way to Wisconsin. I haven't even been on a trail yet.

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If it does make it here to WI sounds like it is just going to be mostly in the sothern part. They say the heaviest is going to be around the boarder to about Madison. That sucks sled is in central part of WI. I would hate to have to trailer it back down here.
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