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one of the guys from work said there was a snowcross race on some lake in minnesota(?) and theyre trailers went through the ice. does any one know anything about this?
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speaking of sno-cross, any body going to the Cantebury Park sno-cross races this weekend in Minnesota? Sponsored by Polaris. Looks pretty sweet, i'm going because i haven't made it to any this year yet. And since there is no snow to ride on, i'm excited. For $5 you can also test drive some of there machines.
what do you get to drive for $5- like the sno pros and pro x's? sounds awesome. do they do this at all wsa outdoor races, cuz the only one i've ever been to was last years indoor super snocross in fargo.
I haven't been to one myself, but my buddy said they have the sno-cross sleds to drive as well as many of the Polaris consumer models. The OPEN MOD sleds are not available though. This is only what i have heard, i'm not sure if it is all true. Anybody else done this?
In the star tribune it had pictures of all the trailers in the water and people diving in to get them out the ice had to much weight on it all in one spot
Man that must really stink.

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Does anybody really know what happened? I heard that the trailers were parking away from each other then some came in the night and parked in the spots they left open on purpose.

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erik, that's what I read too....
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