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Could anyone give me a few addresses of the best online source for snowmobile jackets, pants or bibs? Thank you!
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Try looking on E-Bay first some times they got some great deals, plus there is like 50 some odd pages of stuff!

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Thank you very much. I had just started looking there a few moments ago. Do you know if there is a "Snowmobile" catagory?
Yes, Denniskirk, snom-gear, al snowmobile warehouse VT.. If your to get a xxl or xxxl it may be a late in the season.
yeah there is a snowmobile link on eBay. first go to sporting goods and then you will find the link to snowmobiling. I have bought some stuff through there and always had good luck.

Polaris is my way out - Other people just use a door.
J. R. Graham has a lot of cool jackets and bibs also.
I love my Reima jacket.


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I get all my gear from

They have great prices

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I have too say the Reima Warrior jacket is tough...haven't seen another jacket quite like the Reimas!
Wouldn't buy another brand!
What do you guys think repls water best? I got rained on all day yesterday. I was soaked an now I'm gonn get something to keep my drier.

I need spellcheck!

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