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Here's my opinion:

1) The person who said that is probably a tree hugger.
2) The person who said that probably has never driven a recreational vehicle.
3) That person probably thinks that air pollution is a big threat to the wild life in Yellowstone, yet they fail to realize that the vast majority of air pollution derives from automobiles and industrial factories. In fact, there is probably more pollution coming out of the chimneys of small wood-burning lodges than from any snowmobile! Not only that, but the pollution ratings that the EPA has taken from snowmobiles is from machines that are nearly 10 years old! Today's EFI, direct injection, and new 4-stroke technology is making snowmobiles very fuel efficient, more quiet, and with very low emissions ratings. Even the latest development of 2-stroke engine technology is yielding lower emissions than that of the typical American automobile!!
If snowmobiles are to be completely cut from the area, it will greatly affect local businesses and the local economy who thrive on the wonderful and VERY popular tourism found in that area, as well as many areas across the country. What's the point of having a National Park if nobody is allowed to see and enjoy it???

-Thank you.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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