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Here are some pics I took of our group of sleds that were out for some testing and tuning today, we had a great time but it was rather hot out there in the sun all day, I manage a new personal best ET driving my wifes silver 99 XC 700, busted off a 10.91 @ 114 MPH, the red XCR is a screamer and whats cool about it is other than the crank shop pipes and 40mm carbs it has a bone stock storm 800 motor in it and it has ran 9.79 @ 129 mph, he has detuned it a bit by lowering the RPM's to make it run out as close to 10.00 flat as possible because he does not have his NHRA license as of yet to legally run under 10 seconds, the custom yellow and black doo is a 99 mxz chassis with a older highly modded 670 in it that has run down in the 10.60 range, Scott was chasing his tail trying to figure out the ZR 800 with black magic twin pipes, he just recently set the sled up for asphalt and is still trying to figure out the clutching and gearing so his times and mph are no where near what they should be as of yet, my nephews custom 99 XC 700 was running its normal high 11.20's to low 11.30's all day, enjoy the pics and let me know what you think.







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