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Some Pictures of my friends 2001 Polaris xc and...

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Here is my friends XC 500, xc 700, and there soon to be xc 500 SE blue, htey always have a racing 3 racing sleds. THey own a polaris dealership and race, will get some better pics of teh racing sleds:
xc 500:

xc 700

There new xc 500(its not in yet, just ordered)

Like I said they own a polaris dealership, they had a shed full of like 20 snowmobiles this year that were thers and costumers. I have seen some sweet sleds there.

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All I can say is: That = SWEET! I WANT SNOW!!!!!

you really know how to make a guy cry!!! damn nice sleds!!
I want the Blue XC so bad. I want the 600 though, what a beautiful sled. The red 500 XC is awesome looking as well.

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I love that blue 500, it looks awesome, i cant wait for my friend to get it. That red one is a Special edtion, it looks really good to.

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Sweet sleds! Correction though: The last one is an EdgeX 500, not a XC 500. I think the EdgeX is more of a racer's edition or something.

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Correction man the Edge X is just a graphics kit. It is a straight out XC with just a different color and stickers. I had wanted one of those Blue Xs but now I don't. Want to know why? EVERYONE HAS ONE!! I bet they sold 3 times as many blue X sleds than Red X sleds. I like to be different and have to say I would prefer the red as of now. The Pro X is the race sled and it only comes in Red. They sell a retail model Pro X that is a 440 Fan as well.

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wow i love those sleds they all look sweet. i can't wait until it snows....

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my bad...i was thinkin' pro x.

2001 XC SP 800 rules!!!
Yeah the blue looks nice.

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