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Sound safe? (re-jetting)

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I'm going to re-jet my 583Summit(no HAC) for my alt/temps. Does this sound like a safe starting point? (VM38 carbs)

Current: 380 mains, 75 pilots, 480 needle jet, needle e-clip in middle.

Want to start with: 280 mains, 50 pilots.

Alt: 2000-6000
Temps: 14/3

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What does the chart under the hood say? what that says is a safe starting point!
No charts...nowhere. I had to get clutch settings from another guy too. I think, because it was equipped with an Altitude Compensator, Ski-Doo probably figured no need to consider re-jetting. Hopefully, guys with similar machines/environments can help.


I just really yook a look at your settings you want. All I can say is dangerouslly lean buddy. Don't quote me cause I don't knoe the whole settings on jets with that sled but a 100 # jump in jets is pretty freaking big and gonna lean you out big time. My XCR 600 went from 400 to 340 and that was more than I intended to do. (I went to rejet it and discovered it was already jetted down)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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