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Southeastern Idaho, HOLY SNOW!

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It's been snowing at a fast rate, for hours each day here in SouthEastern Idaho, It's been doing it for the past week, a canal that used to be empty of snow, is now completely covered in to, And there are a few 7ft drifts to jump, got huge air on one today, I'm also thinkin about jumpin the road, because of the giant pile of snow on the side that the plow left, 10 ft on one side, and a small 2 lane road, hope I can do it. And this is just around my house, the mountains are amazing, alot of it's powder, but there is a base after a foot or two around my house, but in the mountains, it's a base after about 4ft, it's great, ride Idaho!

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Yeah this morning i was watching The Price is Right on a station from Spokane and they said there was a heavy snowfall warning in effect. Go out and enjoy it.

Trees don't make the greatest brakes...
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