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special and non-special diference

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hey just curious, i have a 1993 indy xlt sp 580, what im wondering is how you tell the difference between an xlt sp and a regular xlt?? other than by the "special" sticker. options i have are: oil/brake light, temp, accessory lights, hi/lo warmers. you can view my sled in "my sled" topic "you wanted the best"-thanks
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check out polaris-mans website and go to sleds, he has all of the years and models broken down and tells you everything about them

Need some darn snow people.
To my knowledge, my 95 XLT Special is carrying a lighter enginepackage and a few extra goodies like the sensor lights and the handwarmers.
My 94 SKSs have the same instrumentation lights and hi/low grips. I think it was stock with a 133.5" track which I now have 136". I know I don't have the xtra 10 susp, or at least there aren't any decals showing that. I also have the larger speedo/tach but i think that is 94 and up guages. I don't know how to tell the xtra 10 susp from any other, other than decals.

I think.... therefore I sled
Two '94 Indy XLT SKS
XLT Sp had Fox shocks

'96 Ultra Sp
'97 SPX
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