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specs for my sled

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does any1 know where to find some specs for a 1999 powder specail 600 EFI? i cant seem to find them on the net.

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A/C guy,
I'm pretty sure the 2000 specs are very similar to your 99 except the 2000 came with the tapered tunnel. Check out
Here is the 2000, I don't know if they are the same though.

Powder Special 600 EFI
Powder Special 600 / Powder Special 500 EFI

Displacement (cc), Cooling, Cylinders:
599, liquid, twin (600's) / 497, liquid, twin (500 EFI)

Est. Horsepower
105 (600 EFI) / 108 (600) / 96 (500 EFI)

oil injection

3D (600's) / CDI (500 EFI)

throttle body batteryless EFI (600 EFI, 500 EFI) / 2 x TM 38 (600)

tuned pipe

Arctic (rpm sensing)

Driven Clutch
Arctic (roller cam)

Ski Stance (inches)

Ski Material
plastic (wide)

Front Suspension
AWS V double-wishbone A-arms with Ryde FX shocks and adjustable rate springs

Front Travel (inches)

Rear Suspension
FasTrack Long-Travel System slide-rail, adjustable torsion springs, Ryde FX shocks, Torque Sensing Link rear arm

Rear Travel (inches)

Track Width x Length x Lug (inches)
15 x 136 x 2.00 (600's) / 15 x 136 x 1.40 (500 EFI)

Hydraulic disc

Fuel Capacity (gallons)

Length x Width (inches)
118.5 x 45

Est. Dry Weight (pounds)
509 (600's) / 504 (500 EFI)

halogen (3-bulb)

Standard Equipment
tachometer, speedometer, trip odometer, low oil light, coolant overheat light, mountain strap, spark plug holder, belt holder, rack

Optional Equipment
reverse, mirrors, high windshield, tether switch, hitch, accessory outlet, large Mountain Cat rack, 2-up seat kit with backrest

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i figured they were pretty close to the 2000. kinda nice to have specs for your own year of sled...thanx anyway

Think Snow...hell...might as well think lots of snow!
I have the snowmobile magazine 1999 buyers guide.That has some stats in it, but it's at work and this being Friday....
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