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SRX rear heat exchanger help find

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Can anyone help me find one? Ppl use them for extra cooling on Vipers.
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hey sled_dog, just a thought, but have you contacted your dealer???
that would cost more than I would want to pay ;) I will eventually though. They don't really deal much in snowmobiles. I am absolutely sure they don't have one in stock. The dealer actually told us once that he only sells sleds cause he rides too and it is cheaper to do his hobby if he sells sleds too.
i looked in all the parts books i have, and i didnt come up with anything for you, i know of a few more places to chek on this, but my local shop guy here isnt open today,,,,i will see what i can dig up......expect more, payless good idea:)
we are prolly gonna rip apart our frankensled and sell the engine. That has 2 running board heat exhangers I think we could fit in somewhere. THat plus an SRX one would be a lot more coolant but help a bunch. And maybe give my dad the incentive to drop that $900 on pipes :). I bet if we sell our engine for enough he will get them.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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