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steering suggestions

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ok after riding my 87 A/C jag ive noticed that the front end plows, buy this i mean it dosent go exactly where you steer, which is kinda dangorus at speed near trees, it seems worse on fresh powder but on packed snow its a bit better, im currently running sno stuff ski skins, and sno stuff hardbars, they are both brand new, i just figured the sled would steer better than it does, i see they sell a plastic easy steer kit do these work?, or would something else work better, ive gotten kinda used to it and use alot of body english to make the sled edge and turn but when my girlfriend rides it she always seems to get stuck. any suggestions or advise to make this sled turn better will be greatly appricated.

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If you haven't check this already, make sure that the skis are aligned properly. That can make all the difference in the world if they're out of alignment.
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Agreed Tfin70, also check to make sure your shocks are, first good, second set at the same firm/soft settings. If one is off, it will not respond well.

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tighen up your limiter straps putting more ski pressure to the ground under throttle.

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