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Storm Warning

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Hi I have a friend with a 98 storm. He is a big guy and was wondering if anyone knows of some suspensoin tips to help. He already has the bigger springs.

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Umm, just a question. Why is your topic labled "Storm Warning" but the information inside is totally unrealated? About the suspention, get even bigger springs and stiffer shocks.

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Actually the whole post is mixed up. I was trying to show my freind how the forum works but didnt even realize I wasn"t in the forum I wanted. Should have been in the "shop" The lable that is bothering you is the name he has painted on his sled. Polaris Storm .... Storm Warning surely you see the connection. Anyways because of your reply I will try harder to make my lables more suitable.
Ahh, I see it now. Sorry about that.

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Hey hotrod,
I thought i would move this into the shop for you, hoping that you might get some more advice.

I would suggest keeping the springs you have and getting the shocks re-valved.

Polaris is my way out - Other people just use a door.
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