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storring in the summer...

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How long can you run a '91 377 fan in the summer without worring??

Through out the summer should I run it every so ofter?
Is it better to keep the track off the ground while it sits?
Should I leave the gas and oil full or empty?
Is there any diagrams to show where and how to get at the things need to be greesed?

Any help appreciated, Thanks.
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There usually is a lot of debate on this issue, but personally, i run my sleds about once a month for about 15 minutes during the summer. i've never had to clean the carbs when winter comes around and i've never had trouble with my sleds starting when the time comes. its always best to keep the track off of the ground to make sure it doesn't stay wet and such or it will rot. as for the fuel and oil, i store em full, but the "proper" method would be debatable. your owners manual should have a diagram showing you what and where to grease.

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I always let mine run a few times over summer, I put fuel stabilizer in a full tank of fuel, and I also fill up the oil. I grease the suspension and the drive and jack shafts. I also let mine sit on a trailer to avoid track-rot.

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Full tank, Gas stabilizer. Full Oil. Clean, clean, clean it. Do not let it sit in direct sun as it will fade and or rot the soft pieces on the machine. If you don't have a trailer, track up. Some say to put the track up anyway to make your suspension last longer. Your choice. I just store it on a trailer so the track won't stay damp all year. It will help to keep the fuel and intake systems clean if you run it once a month. It will help prevent glazing. Or.........sell it and buy a new one next year. Lol.

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The site I pointed you to in other posts shows every grease nipple on the machine. The ones for the rear suspension are simple .. one on every pivot shaft.

There are two on the steering which are more difficult to find. You have to remove the plate under the belly pan, and that exposes the nipples on the steering linkage for each ski.

I would also check the condition of the various rubber boots on the machine, and make sure they are in good order. Wouldn't hurt to remove the clip on the two boots for the ski pivots and lubricate the joints in there as well. Keeps the steering nice and free.
i use staibilizer in the fuel, full oil resivior, fog the cylinders, and grease everthing up , as well as give the machine a bath and wax and clean everything, i also put my sled on a sled dolly, but this requires 3 people as for it is a snap on sled lift, where the entire sled sits off the ground, and i can turn a crank to lift the entire machine up, it also has a piece on the back where i can lift the back up as well, woorks nice to get the sled up to where i can just sit in a chair to work on it, instead of bending over and killing my back, it also has extra large casters on it for easier mobility, rather nice lift, and the price...well i got it for free so i guess you cant beat that.

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I agree with xltman, I do all that plus I put moth balls under the hood to keep the little critters out.
now does the mothballs really work??? ive got a friend that does this every year, but he leaves his sleds outside troughout the summer, but he not only puts the mothballs on top the airbox, he also puts them in the back of the seat compartment, wich make for smelly gloves come winter again, oh and his sleds are lucky if they get a stand under wonder i always get stuck fixin his crap!!!!

1993 xlt sp 580
xtra 10 suspension
I leave mine on my sled lift and do all the fogging and stuff but with it on the lift it's best. Just lifting the back is fine but that also puts more weight on your front suspension and that doesn't help it for a long period of time either. So if you lift the back lift the front. Put a jack stand under the front if you have to.
Thanks, will do!
I don't know if the mothballs work, but I haven't had any problems since I started useing them. Everyone around here uses them.
I use rat poison. I know it works too because when I went to get my dad's sled off the trailer last fall there were 2 dead mice at the front of the trailer.

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My the time the rats eat the poison though, they are already on the sled and chewing things up! Just buy a cat to sit o the sled to keep them away. Hmmm imagine that....a cat sitting on a cat! That's alot of oh nevermind.

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