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Studding a 1.5 camoplast on a 98 xc 600

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Hi there all just stumbled across forum looks like I be staying a while. My question is has anyone studded up a 1.5 paddle on a short track sled. I have the rear suspension dropped down with the brackets, and just am wondering whether this is a good idea or not. any ideas
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Hmm, those would be some long studs. I am not even sure if it would work, I have never seen any that long before. Perhaps it has been done though....

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If anything longer than 1.5" is on that sled, you might need a rolled chain case just to clear, but i'm not sure.
Wow, those would be long studs! 1.575" are the longest I've seen. The 1.575s would work. I'm not sure why you would want to stud a paddle track? If your're gonna ride trails with that track I don't think it would last very long, I think the lugs would start tearing off. Also those studs would add some weight and clearance might be a probem.
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I dunno how well that would work, and wouldn't the studs hammer up your tunnel pretty good? I mean the tunnel protectors aren't thick enough to keep them from scratching.

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