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if you ask 10 people how to stud the number and pattern you get 20
if you are worried about track break in i dont think it is that big of a deal. dealers will stud brand new sleds all the time.

as for the number of studs. i have 150 hp and clutched hard and i am heavy i run 192, 7mm studs. i like this set up because the smaller studs penetrate better. on an 800 twin and smaller i would not run more than 144 5/16 studs. i have a friend in town he is about 160 lbs with a new 600 twin with 96 5/16 studs and he says he has more than enough traction. he is light so he could actually lose grip with more studs. i talked to some racers and they started out with 300pix (the little needle pics) with a real lite driver and finding the fastest setup was with 192.

the templates are nice because they give you a perfect pattern, but they also make so many studs go in the same line. i was taught to wing it to it by eye ball and a marker. you can do the same pattern as the template but if you do it by hand you will have more scratch lines and that means more use of each stud. dont stud on the outside lugs unless you can get a stud on almost everyother one atleast. if you get to much space you load the stud to much and thats when you get pull out or rip out.

i have tried the plastic nuts and washers and they dont seem to hold. they look cool but my friend didnt like getting hit in the head with studs. lol.

nothing goes like three holes!!!!!!!
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