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studs - mxz 800

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How many studs should be good for an mxz 800? and what pattern.

Guy I was talking to said 144 was good, what do you guys think?
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what you planning on doing? Racing? Trail Riding? Combination? 144 or 192 would be the way to go. I have pictures of stud setups. It is different dependent upon if you want to run double hole backers. They change the setup a little. And don't put em in backwards like my dad did <rollseyes>
Mainly trail riding.
what do u mean sled dog? put em in backwards? used the pattern the wrong way?

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I mean with the double backers you are suppossed to place them so the angle is facing a certain direction. He put them the other way ;) he put them so the angle faces the back of the sled if you look at the studs on the bottom of the track. This way they would scoop snow was his thought. For the most part my uncle and I both agreed with him until we spent about 30 minutes looking at them and placing them when a couple friends told us they should go the other way. We realized the angle helped with rocking by stop them when the angle hits the lug. aka we put them on backwards.
I run 192 on my 800 Cat with 10" carbides on the skiis. Great balanced settup. With an 800 144 seems too few. If you ride hard at all or get into the throttle hard from the start you will be putting too much stress on each stud with only 144.

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192 on the Viper. 192 is sort of a lot for a 700 but it hooks up and rips off the line like nothing around. That includes other Vipers. We will see whenever my dad gets to run it again if it really was a exceptional Viper or if its the studs or something. We always felt his was a exceptional one because it whooped other Vipers in drag races. New engine now though.
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