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I wasn't going to post this here as I hate double post in many parts of the forum (and its against the rules). However, I am looking this vintage section and the people that have responded to my thread in the general forum, and there are not alot of your guys names on there.

So I am thinking some of you only check the vintage forum.

I am making a list and a map site with as many snowmobile salvage yards in the USA as I can find. I need your help to do this.

Please submit any place you know that sells used snowmobile parts. This list will prove to be extremely valuable especially to you vintage guys trying to find that impossible to find part.

So, Please submit in this thread

Thank You

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part places, new / used

1) Canon classic sleds, Jeff, 1 507 254 1640 New windshields for vintage sleds, parts , sleds.

2)Goose lake auto, wisc.

Dr Mario ,Don is a super nice guy to deal with, bought parts from him.

I have more.

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