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Summer-izing My '02 Ski-Doo Mxz 800

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Well, Im starting to think there will never be a winter this year so I might as well think about taking care of my baby (my sled of course.) Is there anything I should know about how to store my sled ie. drain gas from carbs etc? I will most likely take it to the shop I bought it from and let them do it if its not to expensive...It is my baby of course.

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what we always do is just let her sit and every week or two run it so that you don't have stale gas sitting in your carbs. You could take the time and drain your carbs we usually just clean them before each season.
I run mine till it is almost out of gas and then fog the engine. Drain the carbs grease everything and wash and wax it. Fill up the oil tank so that no condensation happens there. I also put new plugs in right away so that it is ready for next year.

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Do not talk about putting sleds away! There may be some hope left, maybe!

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Actually, I think we all need to "act" as though we are putting the sleds away. Let's wash & wax, etc.. Maybe it's just a concerted group effort that is needed for the snow gods to finally relent.

You mean snow demons. There is no snow god, look outside.

40's tomorrow...

I usually fill my tank, put fuel stabilizer in, fill the oil tank, grease the suspension, driveshaft and jackshaft bearings and then run it ever couple of weeks in the summer.

I'll be putting mine on the trailer soon, as there doesn't seem much point in having it sitting on the grass.

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What exactley is foging the engine?? how do you do this
thats true, maybe i will wash and wax mine, maybe we will get snow, but i think i am about ready to put her back on the snap-on dolly, and summerize it.........NO SNOW SUCKS!!
How does one fog an engine?

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there is something called fogging oil and all it basically does is put a heavy lube on the cylinders so they dont freeze up basically the same thing you do to boat motors fog the motor so it dont freeze over the winter

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