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Out for a blast on the weekend with a few freinds. We met up with a couple of people who were looking to put some miles on just as we were. So we told them our destination and how long we expected it to take to get there. They just said lets go. So there was the usual racing and carrying on. speeds exceeding 100 miles an hour on roads,4 abreast drag racing down a concession, jumping anything, tresspassing, you know a typical fast ride. At lunch stop a few hours into the ride we were talking and found out our two guests were Ontario Provincial Police officers ! (Comparible to a state trooper in the states). Silence at the lunch table. What do you say? They broke the silence by stating they were having their best ride this season. Whew!!
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lol sweet they never said anything
I'm not too suprised. They were probably going through the exact same conditions and just putting on miles too. Anyways they were having fun too.

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Haha funny. I was in a field with like 3 ft a snow just havin fun and I was comin back and was on a dirt road by a parkin lot on some fair grounds. Then a guy in a white f150 started chasing me. I had no wehre to go cause it was all fenced off. I just went down the road until i came to the intersection and acted like I didnt hear him yellin at me parked next to me. I think I heard a door on the truck then the last car passed and I kicked rpm's up hit a small creek and I was gone. I cant get introuble with the law. Im suppost to be the good kid in the family. Heh *suppost*. Just statin my story.

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hehe Great story.....I can just picture the look on your face when they said that!

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You have no Idea. Man, any of the charges they could have nailed me with. I burried my needle at the end of a four sled drag race down a concession . One of the officers went to the end to verify who wins. So there I go 120 mph plus in a 50 zone right past the cop. That a loss of licence in Ontario. They were off duty but I think they are allowed to still charge you? Anyway Good thing the one thing I wont do is Drink and ride. I think that might have been too much for them to over look.
Just goes to show....most cops are crooked.

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LOL! Great story man! Yeah, I'll bet you could of cut the tension w/a knife untill they said they were having fun too. We'd all prolly be surprised at how many cops break the law.

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Ya, you don't expect all cops to be straight edge all the time. wheres the fun in that?

That would be pretty funny i think. But if that happened anywhere around here the cops would be about 10 miles behind. Sure I'm exagerating, but not by much. All the cops around here drive like they don't know what a snowmobile is, not to mention what they are given to ride...Ski-Doo 380 Fans, and they think they will be able to get a T-Cat or Mach Z to stop. Hell even a 600 twin probly would leave them in the dust. All i know is that all the cops around where I live do is cruise and look for drunks.

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I guess I wasnt too clear. these two guys were'nt on duty trail Police. they were just a couple of guys out for a ride presumably after work. But it was still a shocker.
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