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hi, i have a 1989 arctic cat jag 340. don't think it's a beater or anything because it is in MINT condition. anyways here is my wacking thing: i'm at my friends farm (we have snow up here in canada) doing jumps and messing around. we were doing fairly small jumps off snow banks, hills and what not and i decide yo hit this little tiny snowbank about half a foot tall. i hit the gas (not full open though) thinking i'm not going to get any air and then BAM! i launch my self about 4 feet in the air and fly for a good 8 feet. I know it's not very extreme but it scared the crap out of me because i didn't see it coming. Anyways because i wasn't read, i fell off on the landing, the machine landed fine and only rolled a little ways. no harm done but i guess this is a warning when you are messing around or just trail riding for that matter to not underestimate a small bump. if you have a light sled like me you can fly pretty far. i guess if you have a heavy one you would have to be going fast but anyways, be careful!
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sometimes those little bumps are the best ones, u can have a big hill and not get any air goin over the top onto level ground, but 2 feet a different way, there might be a little kicker drift that will launch you.

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Those are the fun ones. Just when you think it is safe BAMM! I found that out the hard way myself when road last year. I hit a drivway on the trail that I thought I would only get a little air. I stood the machine straight up on end about 6 feet in the air. I learned to hang on tight no matter how small the jump is.

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i love kickers when you know they are coming, i was doin bout 15 mph when i hit a kick i didnt know was coming and it launched me bout 5-8 feet, held on good, but u better believe i hit that one a few more times goin faster and got some real good air.

Ready to Ride...NEED SNOW!!!!!!...if you have snow, i hate you...
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