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Riding a 95 XLT. Can't put too big of studs in and thinking about changing the susp. Which is better for that year? Extra 10 or 12? Also hear that what I do to the back I have to do to the front. Upgrade the front shocks from a newer one also? Any help I'd appreciate. Thanks Mark in Ont. Canada
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a lot of guys pu the 10 in and i plan to do so myself. I do not know which is better though. I think it depends on what you want to do. I know that I don't like the 12 in my dads xlt but we do more powder riding out west and it trenches a lot. It feels like it belongs in sunday cruiser. Just my opinion though. you do not have to upgrade the front if you put in the 10 though. there is an article on how to do it on off also

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thanks snorider. Now to just find the 10 and I'll be alright . Glad to hear about the front susp. Save a little money there also. Gonna check out that site too. Thanks. Mark in Ontario. (Not enough snow here)
hey snorider--
do you have a link to that article about the extra-10 swap? i'd like to see it. i'm thinkin about puttin one under the ol 95 trail. thanks

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Excellent help with thqt article snorider.Added it to my favorites so when I'm ready I can just print it off or refer to it when ready to tackle the projects. Pooly...check out go to the snowmobile section and you'll see it there. The new extra 10 sure looks sweet. Can't wait. Can't wait for snow either here in Ontario Canada
The more travel you put in is relitive to top speed lost. Just a thought.If it were me i would go with the 10. for trail riding.

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