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Hey i got a couple questions about a suzuki king quad my uncle has its a 1988 i do believe its pretty old anyway he has a new quadat the moment but i saw this sitting in his shed and said it didn't run so i attempted to get it started, he thinks the timing chain is stretched on it and the valve timing is now off anyway it seems to have good compression and spark its got fresh gas and a clean fuel tank and carb.

We tried to start it and it would kinda run for a couple seconds at a time, but backfired like nuts and flames come out the exaust pipe anyway i got it running after playign with the choke and throttle got it in gear after a couple attemps drove down the road turned around came back and then downshifted and stopped and didn't get it started again

If anyone has some thoughts on what i could look into let me know, i kinda want to try to get it going just for fun, since i like toying with engines.

Thanks again sorry about the long read
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