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These are the rules posted in each of the Swap Meet boards. The Swap Meet has become a highly requested item for our board, so it has now been added. The board has very strict rules though, and they are as follows. Anything breaking these rules will lead to immediate locking/deletion of the topic.

1. ALL topics must begin with either "FOR SALE:" or "WANTED"
Example: "FOR SALE: 2000 Polaris Indy 500"
2. Title MUST contain item being sold, or item in which the user is seeking.
3. Once item is aquired, or sold, user should post a reply in the topic saying that the topic has served it's purpose, and can be locked.
4. Administrators and Moderators decisions are final, and arguing our decisions may lead to the offender's account being locked.

We are providing this as a free source of advertising for you and all we are asking in return is to follow these simple rules. If these rules are ignored, taken advantage of the Swap Meet will be removed from the site.

The Administrators and Moderators and any other staff or owners of or or TUSF are NOT responsible for transactions between individuals which may originate from this message board. We will not be responsible for transactions which use this message board as a medium.
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