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Tach Lighting

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When the lights are on my speedo lights up but my tach fails too! Is it just the bulb in the tach, if so how hard is it too change. Also my key got broke off in the ignition and it was on now to start it i just use the kill switch. Someone told me i could get a replacement from polaris fo like 10 bucks is this true, and if so how hard is it to change it? tahnx for the help??
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What year is the sled? If it is the old style, it is rather easy to change the bulb for the tach. THe key, you could get a replacement but I would just leave it. I never turn my key off, I just use the kill switch. If you get a replacement, you just unscrew the old one, unplug it and put the new one in. Easy as that.

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erick is right, if your sled is not gen 2, then its rather simple to change the bulb. just take the old into your local auto parts store, they should have what you need, for its a common bulb used in cars as well, and since your changing the tach bulb, just as well chang the speedo bulb, its been my experience that bulbs will burn out in pairs, this will save you the trouble of messin with it again,
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