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Teasing us

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it snowed semi hard for like an hour here all in all accumulated to nothing. Just a slight dusting damn weather :(
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Mother Nature is evil.

I Love B&M Coasters.
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yes she is. seems a bunch of guys I know bought 2002 sleds they must have screwed us over. Damn them damn them all.
It doesn't matter what year the sled was, I got a 98 Trail and now it is 27 degrees at 930 at night in FEBRUARY. I hate it.

Trees don't make the greatest brakes...
Yea, I hate it when it does that. thinks it is going to snow, then stops, then goes, then stops alltogether.

Vote for Snowmobile
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I feel like the ugly duck. Am I the only one with snow? Maybe cause im so close to the north pole. Speaking of poles it would be fun to take a mountain sled the antarctica. Lots of fun. Hehe just got my sled burried today I was seein what I could go over and then gave to much gas on a mountain floop went the track 3 ft in the snow. If ur that hurtin move to alaska less people but more snow. Hopefully next year we get bombed with snow since this winter was weak.

YamaWHAT? YamaHA!
I was just kidding cause really I know a whole lot of guys who got new sleds. You know just pick on them saying they ruined the winter.
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