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tempaflow or not

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I have been reading some articles about the tempaflow system and alot of them say they're excellent. I was thinking of tryng one. Anybody have one or heard anything as to whether they work or not?
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A freind of mine bought a sled with it allready on . Didnt get a chance to evaluate its performance because the sled got stolen threedays after he got it. but I did get a good look at it. Installation seems to be critical. You must do a good job and put everthing exactly where they tell you. The thing that troubles me about them is they create Vacuum on the float bowls based on a plastic heat sensing orifice. This is mounted under the hood . What would happen if it was a cold day and you just came out of a long section of slow bush riding onto a lake. The under hood temp would be high, telling the tempaflows to lean out. Then you blast across a lake full throttle for three or four miles. Would the sled still remain lean until the under hood temps adjust. dunno.
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